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OK Google

Google’s new Chrome voice extension lets you search hands-free Google promised that we’d get hands-free voice search in Chrome back at I/O 2013, and it’s delivering today with the beta of its Voice Search Hotword extension for desktop Chrome 31 users. As long as you’re either sitting at Google’s home page or have a new browser tab open, […]

Article: Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding campaign smashes records

Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding campaign smashes records http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/mobile-phones/10202351/Ubuntu-Edge-crowdfunding-campaign-smashes-records.html Posted from WordPress for Android

Ubuntu Edge!! Cutting Edge!!

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I confess that I am drooling already!!! Just a mere look at the Ubuntu Edge specs has me drooling and day dreaming…at least 4 gigs of RAM and about 128 gig storage, dual LTE, multicore processor, Saphire crystal display!! And, the best part is – you wont be needing your […]

Competition to Google glass

I’m a movie buff and would do anything to watch a good movie – and if my passion doesn’t disturb others, even better. In my search for unobtrusive movie watching, I came across a head mounted display in a Singapore electronics market a couple of years ago. The unit was cool and served the purpose […]

Useful Android Features Which You Don’t Know

via USEFUL ANDROID FEATURES WHICH YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT | Gadgetgyan. Related articles Android Key Lime Pie – Coming Soon (chillhack.wordpress.com)

New Google Maps 7.0.0 Goes Live in Google Play

New Google Maps 7.0.0 Goes Live in Google Play, Here is the New UI We Saw at Google I/O – Droid Life.

Smartphone app Saga could track your every move

Smartphone app Saga could track your every move, sounds like the Big Brother watching over!!. Will review the app soon. http://www.t3.com/news/smartphone-app-saga-could-track-your-every-move Posted from WordPress for Android