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Ubuntu Edge!! Cutting Edge!!

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I confess that I am drooling already!!! Just a mere look at the Ubuntu Edge specs has me drooling and day dreaming…at least 4 gigs of RAM and about 128 gig storage, dual LTE, multicore processor, Saphire crystal display!! And, the best part is – you wont be needing your laptop or PC once you get your Ubuntu Edge…

Watch this Video:

Read more about it here:


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Competition to Google glass

I’m a movie buff and would do anything to watch a good movie – and if my passion doesn’t disturb others, even better. In my search for unobtrusive movie watching, I came across a head mounted display in a Singapore electronics market a couple of years ago. The unit was cool and served the purpose but it weighed a couple of lbs., not comfortable for long time usage and it made me look like someone straight out of Star Trek.

It appears as though the age of head mounted display has come. Google glass was the first to announce it and now there are many others doing so. A team of Italian designers have come up with a competitor to Google Glass – which arguably is, cheaper, sexier and a lighter version. It works on Bluetooth and connects to your mobile to provide you a display of incoming text messages, notifications etc.,


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Useful Android Features Which You Don’t Know

العربية: Android logo


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Microsoft Outlook Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Outlook Cheat Sheet

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Keep Track of Multiple email accounts and Social Media updates in 1 window

ImageIt is a connected world and we all lead a busy, connected life. I am sure most of us would have a dozen or so sites to check everyday – couple of email accounts plus a couple of social media updates.

Everyday, not just once but many times a day we keep logging into these accounts and checking for updates, emails etc., which is time consuming and painful. How will it be if we log into just ONE site and check all the updates?? It’d be awesome, wouldn’t it be!!!

Well, I am gonna talk about exactly that today – and it’s called Inbox 2. Its a freeware application for Windows and includes several email servers with an attachment for Facebook, Twitter, etc., It is more than just an email client. It includes all of your contacts into one place and gives you one inbox for all the messages from your friends from different streams.

Inbox2 syncs up all your messaging data, documents & images (that you have received via emails) from your accounts that you have added to it. At first, it will take several minutes to configure fully and setup its services for you.

It is very easy & quick to add accounts by clicking on the icon of desired service. While adding Facebook, don’t use F-connect option instead just login with your account details. Moreover, it displays a live stream of recent activities from Facebook & Twitter. While in minimized state, it shows the background notifications too & you can set the time delay for it. Also at the bottom there is a Twitter search option but it doesn’t show the Trending Topics.


In the contacts window, it shows all the available information about the selected person. You can add other profiles of that person too. Well these are such basic options but the three main options are 1. Make To Do, 2. Waiting for answer & 3. Read Someday. You get these options while replying an email. You can put your replies in these three lists as per their priorities.

It is a very well-crafted utility for your social communication over emails. Even though it is a beta version, it delivers a good performance. The interface is standard & beautifully managed but worked slower in Netbooks.

Tip– If you get resolution problems & unable to maximize then hold Start Menu & press Up arrow key to fit to the screen.


Let me know in comments how useful is Inbox 2 and if you come across any other app which does the same work.

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How I crossed 32 Hours on a Single Charge and still left with 20% Battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Photo credit: John Biehler)

Battery Drain is the biggest pain with Smartphones and the only way out is to keep charging. Its very rare that most people would get about 12 hours plus on a single charge. But one killer app and a few calculated steps could give you a much longer batter life.

I charged my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 yesterday at about 10:00 hours IST, and its 18:00 hours now and I am still left with about 20% charge.

Keep watching this, shortly I’ll tell you how I did it….

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Why Google Glass?

Why did Google make the Google Glass? Interesting talk#TED :

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