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Useful Android Features Which You Don’t Know

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Microsoft Outlook Cheat Sheet

Keep Track of Multiple email accounts and Social Media updates in 1 window

It is a connected world and we all lead a busy, connected life. I am sure most of us would have a dozen or so sites to check everyday – couple of email accounts plus a couple of social media updates. Everyday, not just once but many times a day we keep logging into these […]

Make your Facebook Timeline Appealing

Though not a new thing, Facebook Timeline which started sometime ago is now a permanent feature. So wouldn’t it be better if we make it appealing? You can make an impression on anyone visiting your Facebook profile – if you have an attractive Timeline Picture. There are many ways you can go about doing it […]

Save and Reopen Tabs on any Browser

Save and Reopen Tabs on any Browser

This is the era of multiple laptops, desktops (anyone still using them?), tablets, mobiles – multiple devices. Sometimes we are browsing something on our office laptop and need to continue reading it on the tablet, how you gonna do it? Copying the link and emailing it to yourself, opening the mail on your tablet and […]

5 Websites to Create Strong and Easy to Remember Passwords

Internet is not a safe place at all…while its true that you can access the whole world from your desktop/laptop/mobile – you should not forget that the whole world can also access you, your data. We try to hide behind password, firewalls, anti viruses, intrusion prevention software etc., but what good they are if the […]

Windows 7 Alt+Tab App Switching Tricks

Most of use Alt+Tab to switch windows, but what some of us don’t know is that there are a variety of hidden keyboard shortcuts that make the Alt+Tab switcher a lot more powerful and easier to use. You can customise it in many ways and you can also download third party apps with more features. […]