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Revealed-How I crossed 32 Hours on a Single Charge and still left with 20% Battery

samsung-galaxy-note2I was travelling and stuck with a few other things, hence could not get this out in time. Here it comes…..

First and foremost – I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and I must say that having a Li-Ion 3100 mAh battery does help to a great extent. But if you are like me – mostly connected – either wi-fi or data and a heavy user of apps and games, then it’s difficult to cross 24 hours even with a 3100 mAh battery. We all know very well that wi-fi / Data and Display happen to be among the top battery killers.

This is where some apps come to the rescue and the one ‘Killer App‘ I am talking about is “Tasker”. It’s a beast literally…you can do so many things with Tasker that you’d be amaze

d. You can customise your phone completely, I mean even the smallest task can be automated using Tasker. (A full review of “Tasker” and other apps that I use is on the cards, but its gonna take some time). But for now, I will talk about one feature that helps me to be connected and save the battery at the same time.

In Tasker you can set profiles to do specific tasks based upon time, event, place, etc., I am constantly connected to Wi Fi with my laptop (for work). So I don’t need to be connected all the time to Wi Fi on my mobile, but, I have installed many apps which ask to be connected frequently – updates, Flipboard, Pulse, AppGratis, etc.,

I set a profile based upon Time (let’s call it Profile A)- starting from 11 AM until 11 PM in the night – Tasker would check whether my phone is connected to wi-fi or not. If not it will connect the phone to my Wi Fi network.

I have another profile (Profile B) which starts at 11:10 AM until 11:10 PM wherein Tasker checks if the phone is connected to wi-fi and if it is, it disconnects the wi-fi, thus giving the phone 10 minutes of wi-fi every 2 hours. I have realised that if you are just checking for mails, app updates etc., the 10 minute  window is sufficient to do so.

The second app which helps tame the next battery killer – Display is “Lux Auto Brightness“. This is another nifty little app which doesn’t cost Screenshot_2013-07-26-12-16-59much at all and does wonders to the battery life. Instead of the built-in auto brightness setting – which gives you no leeway to set your own brightness levels, I chose to use Lux Auto Brightness. For every light condition you can set a particular level of screen brightness and link it to that light condition.

For instance during night time if you want to read you wouldn’t want to disturb others around you with a bright display and you may not even require the screen to be 100% bright or even 50% for that matter. Lux lets you set the screen brightness to just about a level where you are comfortable reading, doesn’t hurt your eyes and doesn’t disturb others.

These settings in Lux (I have about 6 different screen brightness settings on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2) help me save a lot of battery life. Thus giving me around 30 to 35 hours on a single charge.

If any of you are interested in getting the profile settings of Tasker which I am using, do let me know in the comments. If you are using other apps, tricks to save battery life, please share them in the comments.


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