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Make your Facebook Timeline Appealing

fbThough not a new thing, Facebook Timeline which started sometime ago is now a permanent feature. So wouldn’t it be better if we make it appealing? You can make an impression on anyone visiting your Facebook profile – if you have an attractive Timeline Picture.

There are many ways you can go about doing it – you can use Photoshop for instance, if you have good knowledge of Photoshop. OR you can do it the easy way – visit any of these webservices dedicated to Facebook Timeline pictures. (My Facebook Timeline Picture is my creation – btw!!)

1) FacebookProfileCovers

facebookprofilecovers 5 Facebook Cover Photo Makers to make Timeline look More Appealing

FacebookProfileCovers has a vast library of covers that are created and uploaded by different users. There are thousands of covers in different categories like abstract, animals, anime/cartoons, art, celebs, colorful, creative, for girls, guys, and much more to choose from.

There are some awesome cover pics if you just want your timeline to look more creative. The only thing which most of the people will not like about these cover pics is the site watermark used in all pics.

2) TimelineCoverBanner

timelinecoverbanner 5 Facebook Cover Photo Makers to make Timeline look More Appealing

TimelineCoverBanner is a very customizable facebook timeline cover creating service. All you have to do is choose from many backgrounds presented infront of you for your timeline and then customize it to every possible details like the saturation, hue, graphics, and insert your own image as background.

People who want a ready-made cover photo and still want to give a custom blend should go for it.

3) Pic Scatter

picscatter 5 Facebook Cover Photo Makers to make Timeline look More Appealing

Pic Scatter is another facebook timeline cover creating service which creates cover pics for you according to your needs. You can choose your own background, profile pic, and on top of that you don’t even have to upload it to your facebook account as you already need to login with it to create the cover and the rest will be done by Pic Scatter.

4) FbCoverPix

fbcoverpix 5 Facebook Cover Photo Makers to make Timeline look More Appealing

FbCoverPix is quite similar to FacebookProfileCovers, but has more versatile cover pics. Not only that but unlike FacebookProfileCovers, FbCoverPix provides you watermark free covers. So you can choose from variety of covers with no watermark of the site which actually created it.

5) 99Covers

99covers 5 Facebook Cover Photo Makers to make Timeline look More Appealing

99Covers is totally like FacebookProfileCovers, but has more categories and cover pics. All of the categories are sub divided into what you can say subcategories.

Source – See more at: http://www.blogsolute.com/facebook-cover-photo-maker/19346/#sthash.llnUcaR7.dpuf


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