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Mind Mapping Online

Mind Mapping – Literally mapping your mind or your thoughts is a technique to represent your thoughts as a free flowing chart, as a flowchart. But not as a structured flowchart. A Mind Map is a visual representation of your thoughts. You can start with a broad idea of what you want to do and keep branching out in all directions based upon the number of categories / tasks that are required to achieve the goal.

You can do this the old fashioned way – using a pen and paper or do it online. There are numerous online Mind Mapping Services that let you easily create and even share Mind Maps. If you are sharing the Mind Maps with a team in a collaborative effort, the team can access the map and give their own input to their assigned module. These online services are way more convenient than installing software. As in other apps, there are Free as well as Paid versions. The free versions might lack some advanced features, but should not be a problem if you are using the Mind Maps for personal use. Lets take a look at some Free Online Mind Mapping Services. Read more…….

(The original article appeared in Blogsolute)

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